Avoiding common human errors in computer related issues!!!

In most businesses, each employee has their own computer. Employees use their computer to perform their tasks, communicate easily with co-workers, process transactions, and so on. But in between these tasks, there are instances that we are not paying attention to what we are doing. And that is when we make mistakes. Mistakes that can lead to unexpected computer errors.

That’s what we called human errors, because mistakes will happen.

Here’s a list of the most common human errors and tips on how to avoid them:

  1. No password protection system. Businesses should implement a strict program when it comes to employees’ password. This is the number 1 mistake that can lead to a bad scenario.

TIP: Use a password keeping app to store all your passwords. LastPass is one of the best app that can save your passwords securely.

  1. Opening unknown email or clicking unusual links. Email is the best way for hackers and scammers to get to you. They send emails that are quite catchy for the users to open and BOOM! They’re already in! They spread viruses through the links that they have included on their email. They can hack your computer and even cause trouble for the entire network system of your company.

TIP: Do not open emails you are unfamiliar with. There iss an email setting that will allow you to view the incoming emails with a snippet. You can read part of the email without opening it. If you think the email is not legit, do not bother to open it. Delete it or you can ask your I.T. person to check it out.

  1. Browsing unauthorized websites. Sometimes, with all honestly, employees tend to get bored while in the office. And this can lead to browsing the internet and getting into sites that are unauthorized or malicious. This is when the company’s system just got compromised.

TIP: Install a firewall that will block unauthorized websites to be accessed by employees. Only allow them to use sites that are work-related.

  1. Sharing devices. Some companies give perks to their employees such as mobile devices and personal computers. Employees can perform their work even outside their office, which sometimes can cause problems. The best example of disaster is, letting your kids use your company devices. They accidentally download something that can harm your computer or mobile devices.

TIP: Do not let anyone use your company mobile or computer devices. This ensures that your company’s system is always secured.

  1. Sending emails to the wrong address. This is a common mistake that we really should always be careful with. It is understandable that email addresses sometimes can be tricky and hard to spell. However, this should not be an excuse. We send secure and confidential information via email and we should be cautious at all times. Make sure that the email addresses that correct, valid, and legit.

TIP: If the email address is commonly used by your company, might go ahead and save it on your email contacts. Also, double check the spelling of every email address you are sending the email correctly.

SUMMARY: Human errors are like honest mistakes that we do not want to happen. But we can avoid errors by being extra careful, mindful, and responsible always. For businesses, make sure that you have a strict network security system that will protect your company assets and data. It might sound expensive, but it is nothing compared to the peace of mind that you will get, knowing that your network system is secured and protected.

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