In this modern technology, threats are everywhere and can strike at any given time. One wrong click and you’ll get a virus that might damage your entire computer system. In this modern time, we must know how to protect and secure our computer from viruses like Malware.

But what is Malware? Malware is a general term for software that infects your computer system. It is designed to damage your computer or steal your private information.

But how can you get Malware and how to avoid it?

  • Keep your software up to date. Whenever it is available, update your software. The increase in security features is available in every update.
  • Refrain from opening an email from a sender who you don’t recognize or at least familiar with. It is much better if you just delete the email immediately.
  • Do not open any unfamiliar links or attachment from an email which you do not recognize. Checking the email address of the sender is the best way to recognize if the email message you have received is valid and legit.
  • Download an antivirus software on your computer. This is one of the best protections that you can have. There’s lots of free antivirus software you can choose from based on your computer needs.
  • Use a strong password on your accounts and browsers. You must keep your passwords strong and unexposed.
  • Backup your data. Make it a practice! As we always say… “It is better late than sorry.”
  • Avoid downloading unnecessary apps or software. Most of the time, malware lingers from apps and software most especially that unverified software.


Malware can be avoided if we just pay attention to what we are doing online. We must pay attention to what we are downloading and what we are receiving over the internet. Malware can attack your computer easily which can cause damage and trouble not only to your computer but also personally. Be watchful, smart, and cautious! Don’t be a victim of the malware.

Should you have questions or need assistance in setting up security on your computer, Jackson Technologies can give you the most comprehensive program that will surely keep you away from malware and other cyber threats.

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