5 Data Migration mistakes to avoid

Data migration? Sounds easy, right? But is it really that easy? Is it just a simple task to transfer your files from one storage to another? If so, why there are businesses commit the same mistake in data migration.

But first, let us define data migration. Data migration from the word itself – migrating. It is a process of transferring selected data from one computer storage to another.

Today, we will share to you the most common mistakes that you should avoid when doing data migration.

  1. NO time for preparation. Data migration isn’t an easy task. Preparation is the key. Preparing for the data to be migrated is not an easy job and can’t be done in an instant. To make sure that all data that you are migrating is what you need, time should be allocated to verify.
  2. Migrating unnecessary data. Before doing the migration, make sure that you have checked the data, if possible, one by one to avoid transferring unnecessary data to your new storage. This is like cleaning up your closet and throwing the trash away.’
  3. No knowledge of migration tools. This is very important. In every task you do, you must know and understand what tools should be needed to perform and complete the task. Just like in the migration process, you should have the right tools to use to avoid an accident in transferring your data.
  4. A well-planned migration. When doing a migration, you should think about the goal of the process. For example, before the migration, plan out what would be the data to transfer and the time it will consume to complete the migration. And after the migration, you should know how to run it in the new system and how long it would adapt to the migration process. In business, it is a major concern that there’s no blockage upon the migration. Everything must be planned out!
  5. Not testing the full functionality. Okay, so the I.T. experts had completely and successfully transferred your data from your old storage to the new one. The new system is up! But, that’s not it. They have to make sure that they run a complete test making sure that data on the new system is up and running.


        Data migration is not that easy. It’s a complicated task and needs an I.T. expert to do so. However, during the migration process, you must supervise and should know the in and outs of the migration process. Unsuccessful migration might lead to company loss and may cost more. Data and storage are vital to running a business, therefore, these should not be taken for granted and need extensive care and attention.

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