Fiber optic connection is a type of internet connection that transfers or transmits data via fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables are made up of strands of glass fibers that are wrapped in an insulated casing – a very thin cable almost as thin as a human hair.

Fiber optic connection faster than a copper-based cable connection. Well, based on my experience with a Fiber connection, YES, it is indeed a lot faster than a copper-based.

Aside from its speed, there are other reasons why switching to Fiber-optic connection is worth the cost. Here are some of the advantages of Fiber-optic connection:

1. Better signal

          Fiber-optic signals can reach 10x farther than other cable connection before you experience a reduction or loss of signal. This only means, you can transfer data or use the internet with a better signal.

2. Low to zero latency

        With better signal quality, this only means that your business can be more productive. You can process more transaction a lot faster and more efficient.

3. No interference

        Fiber-optic cables are not attracted to electromagnetic materials, therefore expect that there’s no interference coming from devices and/or equipment that produces or releases electromagnetic fields.

4. Better accessibility to the Cloud

        In order to access the Cloud or Cloud computing (most especially in businesses) the resiliency and reliability of the connection are much needed. With Fiber-optics, you can easily access the Cloud a lot faster.

These are just some of the advantages that you may get when you switched to a Fiber connection. Fiber connection is mostly recommended to businesses due to its reliability, resiliency, and efficiency. Businesses can definitely rely on their internet connection when using Fiber-optics.

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