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Most common causes of poor network performance

Many people are using the internet whether it is work-related, school-related or just simply browsing the net. And sometimes, we’re experiencing slow or poor internet speed/connection. In business, this kind of issue is a big NO-NO! Poor network performance means a loss in the business. In this article today, we collate the most and common…

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Why businesses should practice Preventative Maintenance?

Just like the old saying goes “It is better late than sorry.” Businesses invest a lot of money on their equipment, including their network system. We want our equipment to perform at its best and but maximize its full functionality. However, businesses must remember that their equipment needs to be working at the same time…

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Networking hardware… things you must have!!!

Networking hardware or network equipment is physical devices needed for communication and interaction between devices and the computer network. These are the devices that support each other in order to create a good network system. Here’s the list of the networking hardware and their functionality: Routers – is a hardware device that connects a computer…

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