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Factors that affect your internet speed

Okay, so you’re opening a webpage and it is taking too long and it seems like forever? It is frustrating and irritating, right? Yes, I am sure everyone will agree that we wanted a fast internet speed all the time. As an employee, I am sure you have once blamed the internet speed when you’re…

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IN BUSINESS: Benefits of Video Conferencing

Today, as technology grows, it is creating lots of ways to make everything possible and considerably easier. Businesses are getting more benefits with the new method of organizing business, managing staff, networking systems, etc. And one of the technologies that benefit these businesses now is the web/online video conferencing. We have listed the benefits of…

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Most common causes of poor network performance

Many people are using the internet whether it is work-related, school-related or just simply browsing the net. And sometimes, we’re experiencing slow or poor internet speed/connection. In business, this kind of issue is a big NO-NO! Poor network performance means a loss in the business. In this article today, we collate the most and common…

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Many of us (especially non-techy) are a bit confused on the difference between a broadband and DSL. Many tend to care only about their internet connection and whether they have a slow or a fast speed. But knowing the difference between the two can help when our internet becomes stuck, down or in need of…

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