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REMOTE SUPPORT SERVICES: Why businesses need it?

Technology brings so much innovation to us, especially in businesses. In business, staying on top of the others is always the game where everyone wants to be a winner. By staying, on top of the others, means your business must possess a strong information technology guideline. Having an I.T. service, you can focus on your…

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MUST-HAVES! Technology that you need before opening a location

Opening a business takes a lot of preparation and effort. From hiring the staff needed to the equipment and latest technology that should be used. Bringing the latest and most up-to-date technology can be costly but it should be a priority to achieve the business goal. Today, we’ll share with you the top 4 technology…

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5 Data Migration mistakes to avoid

Data migration? Sounds easy, right? But is it really that easy? Is it just a simple task to transfer your files from one storage to another? If so, why there are businesses commit the same mistake in data migration. But first, let us define data migration. Data migration from the word itself – migrating. It…

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Technology… how do we define it in our everyday lives?

The word technology is too complex and wide. But, let us try to put it in a basic and simple term – Technology, which includes computers and the Internet, is a piece of knowledge or science that co-relate to our life, environment or society. We can say that most of the things we do in…

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