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TIPS for a safe and secure online shopping

Doing shopping in the comfort of your home or office or just by sitting on a bus or train station? Why not! No long lines nor be in a crowded place. Nowadays, online shopping is becoming more relevant most especially for those individuals who have a very busy schedule and cannot afford to go to…

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Anything you need to know about Identity Theft

Identity theft is a great fear for many people. With today’s advanced technology, your private information and financial details being invaded by hackers and other Internet intruders causes a great concern. It is crucial to protect your information online to the best of your ability. What is Identify Theft? Identity theft is a fraudulent act…

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Things you must do after a Data Breach

As we become more dependent on the technology especially the internet, the possibility of encountering a data breach or security threat increases. Security threats do not just target businesses individuals as well. But what happens when you think your information has been compromised? What would be your next step? We have listed below the things…

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IS YOUR DATA SECURED? 101 Tips on how to secure and protect your data

In business, securing data is the most important matter to consider. Keeping your data secured from outside intruders is the high priority. Passwords, business information, personal information (employees or clients), and financial details are the data that no one would want to be exposed or taken by hackers and/or spammers. Today, we’ll share with you…

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Different types of Hackers we should watch out for.

In our previous article about Email, we have shared with you the most common Email scammers that you should be aware of and how you can get passed through them. Today, in this article, we will give you the list of different hackers and if they are good or bad hackers. White Hat Hackers –…

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