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Tips on identifying a malicious email

Nowadays, email is one of the best and fastest ways to communicate with anyone. Email can be sent or received in less than a minute or so which is better rather than using the old and traditional way of mailing. However, with the number of emails being sent and received, there’s a big opportunity for…

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Avoiding common human errors in computer related issues!!!

In most businesses, each employee has their own computer. Employees use their computer to perform their tasks, communicate easily with co-workers, process transactions, and so on. But in between these tasks, there are instances that we are not paying attention to what we are doing. And that is when we make mistakes. Mistakes that can…

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Different types of Hackers we should watch out for.

In our previous article about Email, we have shared with you the most common Email scammers that you should be aware of and how you can get passed through them. Today, in this article, we will give you the list of different hackers and if they are good or bad hackers. White Hat Hackers –…

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