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Tips on identifying a malicious email

Nowadays, email is one of the best and fastest ways to communicate with anyone. Email can be sent or received in less than a minute or so which is better rather than using the old and traditional way of mailing. However, with the number of emails being sent and received, there’s a big opportunity for…

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TIPS for a safe and secure online shopping

Doing shopping in the comfort of your home or office or just by sitting on a bus or train station? Why not! No long lines nor be in a crowded place. Nowadays, online shopping is becoming more relevant most especially for those individuals who have a very busy schedule and cannot afford to go to…

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OFFSITE BACKUP? How important it is?

In business, data is one of the most important and precious things that have to consider storing. Data such as employees’ information, business revenue or profit, clients’ details, etc. is highly sensitive information that needs to be protected. Losing such data may not only cost the business in the financial aspect but the reputation and…

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